Lesbian Lounge - July 11, 2012

Date 2012-07-16

Annnd we’re back! The girls are live this week with a catch-up, some shout outs to www.shemag.com & info on OutFest in Los Angeles www.outfest.org plus comedy & lez events in the UK.
Denise talks to comedian Rosie Wilby about her summer schedule. Facebook group members & Twitter followers are spotlighted. The Cool stuff this week is announced:
Site- www.LesbianLoveguru.com Blog- www.stuffqueerpeopleneedtoknow.wordpress.com Place- The Grapevine Bar in Dallas TX www.grapevinebar.com and Drink- A White Gummy Bear shooter. MyLesbianradio.com welcomes Stella & Lucy from www.BangingThreads.com, a new addition to the MLR family, the fashionista’s will give us advice and ideas regarding fashion & their clothing line on a seasonal basis. The show wraps with more crappy advice (just kidding!) from The Double D’s for the TheLesbianQuestion.com readers who write in for on-air help. Back next week with a complete review of L-Fest!

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Lesbian Lounge - June 20, 2012

Date 2012-06-21

Besties Denise & Donna catch up on lez life from 2 different continents. Shout outs to new Twitter followers, to musician friends JD Danner www.jddanner.com & Lori Michaels www.lorimichaelsmusic.com – both with new CD’s out now, also www.Lesbian.com is discussed, some great summer reading recommendations and info on funny ladies Suzanne Westenhoefer, Fortune Feimster, and UK’s Jen Brister who all have upcoming shows. The Lip Service Fan Event info is announced and guest Heather Peace talks a little about heading to Glasgow. Cool stuff is discussed: Site: www.friendzstop.com Blog: www.RainbowTweeters.blogspot.com Place www.midwaycafe.com and Drink: Ginger Bolt. The girls go over the FAQ’s of TLQ’s – some of the familiar questions they get asked thru www.TheLesbianQuestion.com Visit our friends at www.tellofilms.com www.shemag.com www.planet-london.com www.lesbian.com www.discoversweet.com and www.lfest.co.uk

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Lesbian Lounge - May 09, 2012

Date 2012-05-13

With in-studio guest Denise Spivak of “Women in Network” (www.womeninnetwork.com), the girls start off on their best behaviour until Denise tips the King’s Ginger bottle one too many times. Big announcements regarding President Obama and gay marriage rights. Some shocking news of UK lezzie music festival cancellations: Lady Rock Festival and Go-Go Festival both take a dive within days of each other, citing recession related reasons. Denise reads a statement from Cindy Edwards of The L-Fest and how they’re in NO danger of cancelling, and ready to party this July (www.lfest.co.uk) US Events include the WIN Reef Snorkeling Trip off Pompano Pier in Florida (Denise Spival gives the details) also, the Lambda Literary Awards Ceremony in NYC is announced (www.lambdaliterary.org) In the UK, a luncheon with The Dining D’s is noted (www.diningdykes.co.uk) and www.planet-london.com for all your lesbian UK events is spotlighted. The Bar Tab includes -Cool Blog: www.sugarbutch.net -Cool Place to Hang is The Depot in Ft. Lauderdale (www.thedepotbar.com) -Cool Website is www.womeninnetwork.com The girls get close with their Facebook group members, and Get to Know yet another listener and later wrap up with advice for readers who write in at TheLesbianQuestion.com

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Lesbian Lounge - May 2, 2012

Date 2012-05-06

The merry month of May kicks of with Donna’s announcement that “May is National Masturbation Month.” Email us your masturbation stories this month (because we’re nosey and might read ‘em on the air!) The girls talk about the stateside birthday festivities. Denise talks about having her Mom there with her, and wife Jemma back from Oz. News that “All My Girlfriends”, the MLR produced comedy audio soap opera, will debut on www.TelloFilms.com this summer is discussed. Info on Key West Pride is announced for June 6-10 (www.keywestpride.org) Events in the US include the continuation of the Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival thru May 6th , and in the UK, the May Ball presented by Pink Sofa, The Glass Bar and Flaunt takes place May 26th. For ticket info go to www.theglassbar.org.uk. Also, Lounge Night, May 6th brought to you by Christine Townsend (reserve your spot through: www.lounge.uk.net ) Don’t forget to get tickets now for The L-Fest this July 13-16 at www.lfest.co.uk, £95 all inclusive, all weekend. The girls “get close” to a listener in Troy, NY. The Bar Tab highlights Cool Place www.cafeglueck.com in Munich. The Cool Site is www.QueerieBradshaw.com. The Cool Blog is www.mygayonline.com and the Drink of the Week is King’s Ginger. Getting to Know You is chat room honey GyspieCookie, aka Daniela. The ladies wrap up the show with on-air advice for questions submitted through www.TheLesbianQuestion.com. Don’t forget to score your premium membership to TelloFilms.com, and check out www.shemag.com. For all your lesbian travel needs click onwww.discoversweet.com. Email us anytime at denise@mylesbianradio.comor donna@mylesbianradio.com.

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Lesbian Lounge - April 18, 2012

Date 2012-04-21

Awesome night in the Lounge! The girls catch up on the rewind, discussing biking, farting, a hot blonde, a blast from the past: “All My Girlfriends” news, and the Seder Q. Denise applauds the new L-Fest site www.lfest.co.uk and reminds everyone to come see her & the L Crew at Birmingham Pride June 2-3. US & UK events are announced, especially the return of “Lip Service” this Friday, April 20, on BBC3 – starring Ruda Gedmintas and Heather Peace. Perfect, because we have Heather Peace – right now – on this show! (www.heatherpeace.com) Denise chats with actor & musician Heather Peace of TV’s “Lip Service” and “Waterloo Road” who has a new CD “FairyTales” due out May 14th and a summer tour about to kick off! Later, the girls “Get Close” to a Lesbian Lounge Facebook Group member from Oz. The Bar Tab includes Cool Site: www.blagss.org (Brighton Lesbian & Gay Sports Society), Cool Blog: www.yourdailylesbianmoment.blogspot.com & Cool Place: The Marlborough Pub in Brighton, U.K. www.drinkinbrighton.com/marlborough and the Drink of the Week is an Irish Light. “Getting to Know You” highlights a favorite listener, and the ladies wrap up by answering your questions submitted through TheLesbianQuestion.com. The show goes out with the new Heather Peace single “Better Than You.”

Don’t forget to visit our friends at www.tellofilms.com, www.shemag.com, www.discoversweet.com, www.lfest.co.uk and www.gogofestival.com.

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