Lesbian Lounge - January 9, 2013

Date 2013-01-11

That’s right, it’s THAT time of year! Hear the Red Carpet Live Pre-Show what they wore, who they saw, what kind of munchies were in the green room all before they roll into the “5th Annual Golden Kitty Awards for the Best & Worst of 2012”. Denise & Donna announce their picks for all sorts of categories, such as Best Surprise Guest, Best Interview, Best Pee Moment, Best Dare Fulfilled, Best Meal, Best Lesbian Web Series, Best Lesbian Film, Worst Lesbian Couple, Best Lesbian on TV, Best TV Snarky Bitch, Biggest Tool of 2012, Best Lesbian Content Site, Best Band, and more! Join Denise, Donna, WIN-Denise, and Producer Vicki and stay tuned to the very end for one of the most hilarious show clips from this past March. A great year end wrap-up full of past show clips and moments from 2012 along with the very prestigious Golden Kitty winners revealed.

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Lesbian Lounge - January 4, 2012

Date 2012-01-08

Kicking off the New Year, the ladies recap how they each spent their first New Year’s Eve & Day apart. Denise spends a family oriented night in at home, and Donna and her family attend a low-key fondue dinner locally. Cubby has friends in from Tennessee to celebrate New Year’s. The girls read some responses from last week’s Golden Kitty Award winners. Part Two of the Golden Kitty Awards- “The Producer’s Awards” get announced this evening with Producer Vicki’s choices, including some sound clips as highlights of show moments are featured. A quick run down of some January events in the UK and in the States are listed. The Bar Tab features Cool Website of the Week: www.readytomix.com – a gay & lesbian OFFline dating service, called Mixology, that specializes in precise matchmaking from a detailed and thorough face-to-face screening process. Mixology is based in Washington, DC but has already expanded to LA, San Fran, NY and Miami. The company, founded by Kim Rosenberg and partner Meghan Novenskie, has been awarded and honored with regards to business and LGBT service. The Cool Place to Hang is T’s Bar & Restaurant in Chicago, IL at 5025 N. Clark Street (www.tsbarchicago.com) is a dyke dream spot with a cool atmosphere, great drink menu, good food including salads, sandwiches, chili, chicken wings, fish & chips and burgers, plus a pool table, TV’s and lots of weekly specials. The Drink of the Week is “Mulled Wine”. The recipe for warm, spicy mulled wine is explained (just for Donna). The Ask the Double D’s advice segment (where readers write in from TheLesbianQuestion.com for on-air help) is back, and this week the ladies answer some questions about squirting, jealousy and bisexuals. Check out Denise on ShoutOutBristol Radio (their podcast is up from Dec 29th) at www.shoutoutbristol.org.uk, and also, next week check out www.hersocietyonline.com.au for Denise’s chat with Ginni & Natalie in Australia. Don’t forget to browse the latest SHE Magazine, online at www.shemag.com, for the January issue, featuring Sweet Baby J’ai.

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Lesbian Lounge - December 28, 2011

Date 2012-01-01

A big night in The Lounge! It’s “Year-End” and “Best of” time! Yes, it’s the 2011 Golden Kitty Awards announcements! Before the ladies get started with announcing winners and Best of’s (and a few stinkers, too!) they share their holiday recaps with one another. Denise explains the YouTube gagging video from the UK girls’ holiday party. Donna shares the meaning of “Meat Pride” and the family dinner at Deb’s. The ladies address questions in “Ask the Double D’s”, the on-air advice segment where readers from TheLesbianQuestion.com write in and ask Denise & Donna to take a crack at their issues and situations during the show. Finally, the girls announce the winners of the Golden Kitty Awards! The complete list will be posted on MyLesbianRadio.com very soon, and official email notifications with the award graphic attached will be sent out to the winners as well. All of us at MLR thank you for your continued support and wish you and yours a very happy, healthy, and safe New Year!

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Lesbian Lounge - December 29, 2010

Date 2010-12-30

Dana Goldberg calls in to wish the girls a Happy New Year. Then Denise and Donna present the Third Annual Golden Kitty Awards! Listen to the podcast to see who won!

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Lesbian Lounge - December 30, 2009

Date 2010-01-03

It’s that time of year again! Ah yes, when we compile the list of “BEST OF’s” (in our case, best of what Denise & Donna liked best, talked about the most or want you to know…) for the Annual Golden Kitty Awards. This year, the girls had an international audience tuning in as well as in the actual studio as Jemma from Australia, and Hazel from London join them LIVE. The chat room was kicking with ladies from England, Canada, and Ireland who stayed up past their bed times for the show. This is two solid hours of crazy categories such as “Best Almost-Lesbian”, “Best Femmy Girl”, “Best Crunchy Granola Lesbian”, “Best Youth Awareness Advocates” and more…all being announced for the first time, some with stories behind them, other just blatant favorites. Tune in for year-end laughs, some great sound bytes, interesting Lesbian Lounge stats of 2009, and more…..all on the Annual Golden Kitty Awards Show!

The Lesbian Lounge would to thank all of you who tune in live every week or catch us on iTunes podcasts. We couldn’t do this without YOU! Heres’ to 2010…more pant wetting fun, more laughs, more guests, and more live events that bring us closer to you!

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