Lesbian Lounge - October 19, 2011

Date 2011-10-23

The girls record the show on Tuesday for the usual Wednesday night crowd, due to Denise’s schedule this week. Opening with chatter about the male anatomy (?!) and what’s allowed on television, it’s off to a quite a start. Denise fills Donna in on her first trip into London by herself and her crazy days in the theater, working with Deb Mosk assisting Sharon Gless, topping off the weekend with haircuts & a pub party dinner. Donna has a washout of a weekend due to heavy rain in Florida. Cubby cares for Denise’s cat, Kiwi, learning about feline diabetes this weekend. The Los Angeles AIDS Walk reports a crowd over 30,000 and raised over 3 million dollars last weekend. The Rainbow Film Festival in Shropshire has a great buzz over the screening of “Jan’s Coming Out” as well this past weekend. The Bar Tab includes The Cool Website of the Week: www.Gay-Nerds.com for the hardcore gay gamer with up to the minute updates on video games, internet interests, and all that geeky stuff from Jedi’s to Street Fighter. Mostly for boys, but there is some lesbian tech talk if you click around enough. The site includes Comic Con news, forums, discussions, chat, shopping and advice from Dr. Gay Nerd. The Cool Place to Hang: Bayside Betsy’s, 177 Commercial Street in Provincetown, MA, (www.baysidebetsys.com) is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This waterside restaurant sits in the hot pocket of gayville, especially during Women’s Week, so drop by for some amazing food and great atmosphere. The Drink of the Week is a Knicker Dropper, which includes apple juice and vodka. The girls discuss all sorts of TV and gloss over food before wrapping up slightly early, with a promise to be back on track next week with Ask the Double D’s. Don’t forget to check out SHE Magazine – www.shemag.com with Melissa Ferrick on the cover and a great interview by Denise. The show finishes up with a fan favorite from Ferrick, “Drive”.

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Lesbian Lounge - October 12, 2011

Date 2011-10-16

The girls review each of their weeks with Denise sharing her first day of “work” from the terrifying commute into London to the theater energy to hanging out with Sharon Gless all day. Also, it was Denise and Jem’s first anniversary, so the details of the weekend are discussed, including the TGIFriday’s dinner. Donna shares her week: Break-the-Fast events and her return to the Pride Center, as a guest at an event, after having been gone a while. The girls discuss the latest SHE Magazine (www.shemag.com) and Denise’s interview with musician Melissa Ferrick. Some U.S. events include The 27th Annual Los Angeles AIDS Walk on Oct 16th, and Gay Key West’s 29th Annual Headdress Ball, the premiere LGBTA event of Fantasy fest, held this Oct 25th. (www.gaykeywestfl.com) The UK event that everyone’s talking about is Sharon Gless on stage starring in “A Round Heeled Woman” at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith, London Oct. 20- Nov. 20, tickets on sale now: www.aroundheeledwoman.com. The Bar Tab features Cool Place to Hang: Sisters Restaurant and Nightclub in Philadelphia, PA. (www.sistersnightclub.com) This 5,000 sq. ft. nightclub that caters to the LGBT crowd in the heart of Philly’s gayborhood is located at 1320 Chancellor St. and boasts a great menu including grillers, snacks, salads, fajitas and soup, and has late night hours on Saturdays. Karaoke, live music, DJ’s, and colorful theme parties makes Sisters a clean, safe, social environment that rocks the community on a regular basis. The Cool Website of the Week is www.onlinelesbianfiction.com – A guide to free lesbian fiction on the net for readers, writers and lovers of lesbian fiction. Check the full list of categories from Adventure to Erotica to Fan Fiction, Mystery, Romance and Young Adult. The site is easy to use, and authors are welcome to submit links to their original work. The site provides descriptions, and links right to the work you’re interested in. A bonus site: www.zhooshbrighton.co.uk – an up-to-date online community hub for LGBT members in the Brighton & Hove area. Complete with directory, the Zhoosh Network, social scene, groups and event listings from sport to support and a regular blog. The Drink of the Week is a Cherry Limeade Kicker. Some shout outs are given to new listeners. The Ask the Double D’s advice segment of the show, where readers write in from TheLesbianQuestion.com for an on-air response, include a question about pooping, a lesbian who breaks the “code”, and a Mom with concerns about her 13 year old daughter. The show goes out with Jen Foster’s “The Underdogs,” in memory of Matthew Shepherd on the 13th anniversary of his death.

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Lesbian Lounge - October 5, 2011

Date 2011-10-09

This evening kicks off with Donna telling us about her impromptu happenings: A MexiQ with the gang at DaddyRah’s house, with all sorts of delicious mexi-treats, and quick decision to see a movie with Vicki, and a drive over to Fort Myers for the first concert of the year from Ben, up at school, the college senior. The ever swirling job market leaves Donna depressed and job surfing in her bathing suit on a bad day. Cubby finally gets to the doctor’s office for her bronchitis. Denise’s week started off with being stuck in traffic after gathering Jem from the airport on a Friday night. Saturday, Jem and Denise travel into London to meet up with Deb Mosk, a friend from California who is here assisting Sharon Gless during the run of “A Round Heeled Woman”. The girls showed Deb the bus routes all over Kensington and Hammersmith and had a lovely lunch at Giraffe, before walking around Holland Park and then through the Off West End Theater District. Denise announces some potential partnering with www.Planet-London.com to get the film “Jan’s Coming Out” to London for some screenings, and with www.DiversityRoleModels.org to work with Suran DIckson and youths in local schools to send an anti-bullying message and inspire and encourage positivity. Some US events include “Teddy D’s BYE-BYE BOOBIES” Benefit at Georgie’s Alibi in St. Petersburg, FL on Oct. 25th join the fun performance filled evening, and donate towards getting FL’s notorious drag king and SHE King winner transitioned to a real boy. The Bar Tab features Cool Site of the Week: www.WhatWeganDidNext.com – an adorable website which highlights Megan and Whitney’s long distance love affair from halfway across the world. Two 20-something lipstick lesbians share their story, as well as other couple’s stories, in long distance romances from all over the world. Inspiring, cute site for young lezzies in love. The Cool Place to Hang (on Sundays) is The Beaver in Toronto, Canada 1192 Queen St. West (www.beavertoronto.ca) Bush Party (on Sundays) is popular weekly girls dance party with diverse music from electro to house to old skool and dancehall. Great menu including pastries, paninis, salads and soups – this diner by day becomes an alternative queer party in the evenings. A bonus this week: The Cool Place to Shop Online – www.gaycoffeecompany.com is a brand new lesbian-owned roasting company based in Massachusetts that caters to the queers with great brews like “Wake Up, Mary” and “Stone Butch Breakfast” blends. This online coffee company debuted at the Castro Street Fair in San Fran on Oct 2nd with rave reviews and is asking for help with some new names for upcoming featured blends. Join in the fun and order your perfect blend to be shipped directly to you. The Drink of the Week is Fire Island Sunrise. Ask the Double D’s – where readers of the site TheLesbianQuestion.com write in to the ladies for advice to be addressed on the air, tackles transexuality, bad grammar, and GSA’s. www.SheMag.com comes out this week- check out the digital version and read Denise’s one-on-one cover interview with Melissa Ferrick.

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Lesbian Lounge - September 28, 2011

Date 2011-10-02

A fun kick off to the show tonight, as Donna’s mother wishes everyone a Happy Rosh Hashanah in the biggest & best Jewish way… with a song and some laughs! Denise reports on the loft progress as the project begins to come to a finish. A new pub is discovered, called The Arkle Manor, where the ladies had a fabulous meal, and Jemma sampled some gin & tonics. Denise recaps the rest of her week, including Sunday football with KFC and cheese balls. Donna takes her mother on a trip to Fort Myers to drop in on her son in his new place and proudly boasts how clean it is. The chat room is buzzing over some in-house flirting. Hot topics include Leisha Hailey’s big gay fuss, Nancy Grace’s nipple, and some shoutouts to recovering long time listeners ForVaJayJay and Ms. Delish after recent surgeries, plus a good news update on Judy Shepard, gay activist & local community volunteer. The ladies announce the “Hour Long Conversation with Sharon Gless” is now up in The Lesbian Lounge iTunes Library, just in time for you to get tickets for “A Round Heeled Woman” opening in London on Oct. 19th at Riverside Studio in Hammersmith. For tickets & info- www.aroundheeledwoman.com – an absolute must see for Sharon Gless fans. The Bar Tab includes Cool Website of the Week: www.Epochalips.com – an online magazine run by and created by out and proud lesbians who help promote and support new and exciting projects, people, content and endeavors by building community, spreading the word, and providing a valuable resource of support and exposure. Check out interviews with Meredith Baxter and contributing writers Marga Gomez, Nicole Conn and Robin Lowery’s work. The Cool Place to Hang is Luv A Java Cafe at 1300 Dolores & 26th in Noe Valley, San Fran, CA – www.luvajava.com. Luv A Java Cafe features a relaxing atmosphere, free WiFi, extensive book selection, and works of art by local artists, with Open Mic Night the 2nd and 4th Thursdays from 6-8pm PST. The Drink of the Week is a Chocolate Ice Princess that’s topped off with an After Eight mint. Food gets discussed in detail, as only two fat girls can do. Ask the Double D’s, from TheLesbianQuestion.com addresses questions submitted for an on-air response. This week: A Wake Up call, a doubter and “tribbing” gets discussed. Don’t forget, www.shemag.com comes out this week, The Ft. Lauderdale Gay & Lesbian Film Festival is Oct. 13 -16 (www.flglff.com) and “Jan’s Coming Out” will be screening at Old Market Hall in Shrewsbury for the Shropshire Rainbow Film Festival on Oct. 16th at 1:30 pm. Support your queer projects, ladies!

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Lesbian Lounge - April 6, 2011

Date 2011-04-12

The now bi-continental live broadcast starts out with Denise’s week of posh foods, the Hurly Burly Burlesque U.K. Show (www.hurlyburlyuk.com) and Thai Mondays, the new weekly thing with new faces and good gossip. Donna’s big Pride Center annual event, Stars of the Rainbow, kicks out some local political rumors thanks to Donna’s hosting duties, and she covers all the details. Cubby gets put in the hot seat about her flirting and texting with a Detroit chat roomer. The girls wish their Moms Happy Birthdays for April. The Bar Tab’s Cool Site of the Week is www.Qlit.blogspot.com – a helpful resource for LBGT freelance writers with all the tools necessary to submit work for numerous magazines, newspapers, and blogs, with everything from jobs, careers, help, entry notifications and deadlines. The Drink of the Week is Pear Cider, either Magners or Gaymers – both popular and can be found on either side of the pond. The Cool Place to Hang was chosen just for Donna by Denise – a well-known, women-owned and operated sex toy store based in London, called The Sh! Store (www.sh-womenstore.com) which holds classes every Wednesday evening for women only, featuring cliterature, strap-on sex, female orgasms, g-spot location, and much more. Donna wants Denise to attend and film next week as a homework assignment. The newest edition of SHE Magazine is out and online at www.shemag.com, and TV Talk covers Nurse Jackie, Grey’s Anatomy, plus some new discoveries by Denise on BBC. The week ahead gets covered and the upcoming event schedule is announced for May, June and September. Check www.mylesbianradio.com for dates and locations.

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